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Team Elementio here.

We’d like to sincerely thank you for putting your trust in us today by picking up Elementio.

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While Elementio gives you more options to grab motivated leads and hungry buyers using OTHER PEOPLE’S viral content than ANY other overlay platform now on the market . . .

There are always a few marketers out there who want to push the envelope and get results FASTER.

A handful of our beta-testers came forward and suggested adding a few more sophisticated features to Elementio.

While they were positively thrilled with the results they were getting from the standard version of Elementio...

They wanted a “cherry-on-top” advanced version... so they could get a leg up in any niche.

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Elementio Pro
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Our beta testers wanted some additional elements to ramp up the results they were getting with Elementio to warp speed. They asked for more templates... and elements tailor-made to convert mobile visitors.

They also wanted to give setting up Elementio campaigns on WordPress blog and Facebook wings... so they could set up multiple, high converting campaign in just minutes.

We listened. And then we delivered.

Here’s The Advanced Features Our Testers
Asked For... For Supercharged
FAST Results With Elementio

We left nothing to chance. Elementio Pro has features you’ll find nowhere else in overlay tools.

Here are the details of everything you’ll receive
with your purchase of Elementio Pro today:

Product Card Element

Display your eComm and affiliate products in attractive bite-sized “Card” format. Cards can hold all types of content - visuals, text, links, etc. Perfect for getting your offers in front of mobile traffic.

ShareBox Element

Gain viral social traffic to your product offers when you present this attractive ShareBox feature to your audience. Visitors can share your products directly to their Facebook and Twitter audience for FREE traffic, scores of fresh subscribers and juicy passive profits.

WordPress Plugin

This was THE most requested feature by our testers. Now, you can make WP embed process 3 click simple, without any tedious cutting and pasting of HTML code... right from inside the Elementio Dashboard. Get all the benefits of displaying your campaigns on web property YOU control.

1-Click FB PageTab Builder

FanPage monetization made simple. Add any published Elementio campaign to your FB page as a tab with just one 1-click. Add multiple tabs for the easiest way to monetize your FanPages and grab more subscribers!

Additional Product Box Templates

eCommerce marketers will appreciate how simple these additional Product Box overlays make it to set up high converting physical product campaigns. Remember, the more product boxes you get out there... the more passive profits you’ll earn!

More Animated Characters

Captivate your visitors with additional eye-catching animated characters. Show off your offers and opt-in boxes in style. Your visitors will be delighted when your animated characters dance and spin before their eyes... and draw attention to your offers in a fun, non-pushy way.

More High Converting Video boxes

Video is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s tool chest because it creates such high visitor engagement. Now, turn video engagement into conversions with additional Video Box templates with built in calls-to-action to get your visitors to take action on your offers.

Total Package Value: $197

For the duration of this launch you can claim your copy of Elementio Pro at the lowest price you’ll ever see... WITHOUT paying a monthly subscription.

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Who is Elementio Pro For?

Elementio Pro is for ANY marketer who wants a definite competitive advantage in their niche. For any marketer who wants more subscribers AND sales faster than ever before now.

It’s perfect for:

eCommerce Website Owners

eCommerce website owners who want to feature their products in Cards ( looks great on mobile devices!)


Bloggers who want a hassle-free way to embed the Elementio campaigns on their WordPress blogs

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers who want extra options to add video to their campaigns

Any Website Owner

Any website owner who wants viral traffic from Facebook and Twitter

Product Owners

Product owners who need more ProductBox templates... to get visitors checking out their offers and buying their products

Any Marketer

Any marketer or blogger who wants to get more subscribers and draw attention to their offers with fun animated characters

So if YOU fit any of these categories as a marketer (and we’re pretty sure you WILL) then...

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As already mentioned, Elementio Pro is going to be around for an extremely limited time. We only want fast action takers to get the benefits of the advanced features of the Pro version.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying out Elementio Pro for a full 30 days.

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Put Elementio Pro to work for you for a full 30-days from purchase. Use the additional templates to make setting up your campaigns child’s play. Score more subscribers and sales than you could dream possible right now.

Enjoy the convenience of embedding your Elementio campaigns to your WP blogs directly from the Dashboard - in only 3 clicks. And monetize your Facebook FanPages in seconds . . now you can add your campaigns to a FanPage tab with a single click.

If you have any questions at all, or need a little extra help to get the most out of the Pro version, simply contact our support desk and we’ll be pleased to assist you.

In the unlikely event you don’t think Elementio Pro is right for you, simply contact us for a 100% refund of your investment within 30-days of purchase.

We’ll cheerfully refund every dime... without question or hassle.

What could be more fair than that?

Team Elementio

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the elements included with Elementio Pro compatible with my Mac too?

Absolutely. Just like Elementio Standard, Elementio Pro is completely web-based so it’s compatible with ANY operating system.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘Cards.’ Can you please explain?

Cards are essentially small containers for information, perfectly optimized for mobile. They can contain many different elements, such as:

• Photos

• Text

• Coupons

• Links

• Social media share calls-to-action

• And more...

If you have a smartphone, there’s a 99.99% chance you’ve seen cards before.

Here is an example of a card from a weather app:

Cards mobile friendliness make them ideal to get your message out to your followers on mobile . . . and by the way, more people visit websites on mobile than on desktop now. So it’s critical to cater to your mobile visitors now more than ever!

Can I put digital as well as physical products in the ProductBoxes?

Absolutely! ProductBoxes would work well for e-books, online courses, video courses, software... really any kind of digital product you could represent with an image.

I thought you could embed campaigns on websites with the standard version of Elementio?

You can. Elementio generates HTML code which you can then copy and paste into the header of your website... if you feel confident about doing this task. If you want a hassle free way of embedding your campaigns on a WordPress site, then Elementio Pro is highly recommended. Embed your campaigns on a WordPress site in just 3 clicks - and without leaving the Dashboard.

How can the Pro version help me monetize my Facebook FanPages?

Take any Elementio campaign and turn it into a tab on your FanPages... in just one click! Great to feature both physical and digital products to hungry niche fans. Or get your Fans on your email list so you can follow up with new offers.

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