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Elementio is the latest lead generation platform that captures highly engaged leads through Various elements such as Notify Boxes, Animated Characters, Polls, Product Boxes and more.. Elementio built to meet customer demands. When you promote our tool, you know you are in for massive EPC's, Max conversions and a product your customers will love.
12th October, 2016 at 11am EST, Pre-launch webinar at 10 AM EST
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Why should you promote Elementio?
Lead Generation
Generate more leads with 10 powerful elements with ease.
Social Engagement
Build viral marketing campaigns using Polls and various features.
Product Promotion
Drive more sales with our easy to use product promotion features.
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Sophisticated yet
User friendly!
Why Elementio?

Elementio is the most sophosticated app that is built to generate leads using pop ups, notification boxes, countdown timers, animated characters and evertything that you can ever think of using to capture leads!

You can add these elements to any website, wordpress blogs or even add them in your favourite page builders. With drag & Drop element placement and realtime "Responsive Page" preview, nothing can beat elementio for its user-friendliness.

Notify boxes

Have attractive boxes and let the customer know about the latest offers in the site and how to access them.

Poll Boxes

Run polls and find out the most popular options. What is more better than asking the prospects themselves!

Animated Characters

Add a flavour to the page by adding characters who can provide information in the most interesting ways.

Product Box

Display your product, the price along with the built-in countdown timer to show how long the product will be available in this offer!

Video Box

How can we leave our favourite videos behind? Yes, you can now have videos on top of your pages

Delay Pop-up

Timing is everything. Now, you can time your pop-up and ensure that your give information when it is the most needed.

Countdown Timers

Leverage on scarcity. You can now add timer overlays on top of your pages to precisely show them when the offer expires


Add images on top of the content. Customize the images and you an also add animations to them.

Embed Code

Need more? You can embed your custom code on top of the pages and ensure you give the customer what they are looking for

Reatgering Pixel

What is the use of the content if you cannot advertise them? You can add retargeting pixels inside of your pages and make the most out of it.

Mobile responsive

We have ensured that the content designed with the tool is totally mobile responsive and looks good across all screens


In-built analytics will give you more information as to where your traffic is coming from and which of your campaigns are the most popular

Extra Actions
You can easily view, edit, delete and even grab a script for you campaigns to place it on any page.. right from your dashboard!
Duplicate Campaigns
Enter your campaign name, add a link path and click! your cloned campaign is ready. It's that much easy!
Elementio gives you all the numbers that matter. It gives you action stats for all the elements that you have added on your campaign.
Elementio Demo Video
Elementio is a one stop tool for lead generation and engaging customers using curated content.
Elementio is a one stop tool for list-building
and engaging customers using Quizzes.
  • Add Any Webpage or Choose form the Most Trending Topics
  • 10 powerfull elements never seen before such as NotifyBoxes, pollboxes, Animated Characters and much more!
  • Place element on the webpage via Drag & Drop
  • Real time preview of your campaigns
  • Html download option
  • Built-in Google/Bitly Shortner
  • Display your campaign elements on your website via Script.
  • Comprehensive stats for each of your campaigns.
  • Built in Mobile Responsive Checker
  • Share your campaign to popular social networks in one click.
Elementio Sales Funnel
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If you’ve less than 50 sales on JVzoo, then please let
us know how you will promote us.
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